💡 What is Analytics in Guul App?

Analytics show you the platform usage statistics in your workspace.

Access Analytics Via Guul App

You can access Analytics via following the link → https://app.guul.games/analytics

Analytics shows you the platform usage statistics in your workspace. There are Summary and Overview sections inside Analytics.

Summary Section

In Summary Section, you can see statistics related to Total Games Played, Total Game Time, Active Users and Total Engagement Percentage in your company.


Total games played → the total number of games played by the entire team.

Total game time → The total time spent while playing games.

Active users → The number of workspace users that became “active” (i.e. played at least one game within the specified period.)

Total engagement → Represents engagement ratio according to the following formula:

Total Engagement = Active Users / All Guul Users

Overview Section

  • In Overview Section, you can see the graphical reflection of the Summary Section.
  • It is possible to visualize data up to 2 different metrics in custom time periods. To do so, simply click on the boxes located below the graph.

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