🥇 What is Admin Panel (Admins only) in Slack App?

The admin panel includes preferences and options that help group admins to customize the Guul Experience. Only the admins can reach out to this panel.

Access Admin Panel via Slack Workspace

  • Click on Guul from the Apps section from the left-side menu in your workspace.
  • Hey Boss 👀! As an admin, you can check the “Admin Panel 👑 to be in control. Also, you can run "Guul Setup 🗝️" to check the onboarding message.
  • You can choose Guul’s channel and active games to be played. For more detailed settings, visit Admin Panel on our web page.
Tip: Integrating Guul into a channel is important to set up company-wide games (e.g. Find the Word, Predictor Games etc.) and get announcements from Guul Bot.

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