🥇 What is Admin Panel (Admins only) in Guul App?

The admin panel includes preferences and options that help group admins to customize the Guul Experience. Only the admins can reach out to this panel.

Access Admin Panel via Guul App

You can access Admin Panel via following the link → https://app.guul.games/admin-panel

Changing your App Language

You can change App Language for all users in your workspace. English is the default language for Guul.

Determining Integration channel

You can integrate Guul Bot into a primary channel. Guul will start sending notifications, leaderboards, announcements, and company-wide games (i.e. Find the Word, Predictor Games) to the selected channel.

Filtering Available Games For Your Team

You can use Games section to select your stack of games that will be available to your users.

Adding Admins to Guul

  • There are two different user options in the system: Administrators and Users.
  • While users can only see certain panels, administrators determine which games users will play, language and time zone options, and which channels they can access.
  • You can use the Admins section to add a new admin to your Guul dashboard.

Sending an Invite Notification to Users

You can invite any user by entering their names into the Invite User section and pressing the invite button.

Time Limitations

You can use the Limitations section to set your platform’s availability and decide in which time intervals Guul will be available to your users.

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