💌 Q&A

How can I play Guul’s social games?

Playing games on the Guul platform is super easy! Just sign up with your Slack or Microsoft Teams account, and give the necessary permissions to the Guul app to integrate with ever ...

Which games can I play on Guul Games?

You can play: Competitive Games like Backgammon, Chess, Checkers, Battleships, and many more! Quick Games like Tic Tac Toe and Connect4 Trivia & Puzzle Games like Find the ...

Does Guul have a free plan?

Yes, we have. You can use Guul with all basic features for up to 10 monthly active users forever. You may upgrade your free plan to paid plan if you have more than 10 monthly activ ...

What is MAU? How can I choose the right plan?

Monthly Active User (MAU) = Any workspace user that has played at least one game within the monthly interval (spectators don't count as active users). Guul has a pay-as-you-use pr ...

Would anyone be able to launch a game? How do I launch one?

Yes and no. Anyone can launch all social games. But only workspace admins can schedule games (e.g. Predictor Games, Find the Word) to workspace channels. Once you have added Guul ...

Can I challenge my teammates?

Yes! Every game you play will affect your experience points on the platform. You can check your rankings any time in the Leaderboard section.

Can I limit the days and games for playing Guul for our team?

Yes, you can customize your settings in the Admin panel. You may turn on/off any games and limit play times.

Who is suitable for Guul?

Guul is designed to serve businesses of any size who seek to socialize their remote teams and boost the fun in the workspace. However, having a business is optional. You can add ga ...

What devices can I use to play on Guul?

Guul is a web-based service accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Is my data secure?

We use end-to-end, industry-standard encryption and constantly update our services with the latest security patches.