🔮 Predictor Games

🏆 Be ready to enjoy the tournaments, one-time events, or long continuous competitions with Guul Prediction Games! Challenge your team to predict the scores of matches or outcomes of events. Predictor Games allows you to have fun and boost engagement during special events.

Predictor Games include:

  • Football Prediction Games: Champions League, Europa League, Premier League ⚽
  • Formula 1: 2023 🏁
  • Oscars 2023 📽️
  • Eurovision Song Contest 2023 🎤

  • Find Guul App in your Slack

  • Click on it and see the Home Page as follows

  • Click on the “Game Scheduler 📱” section to schedule Company-wide Games.

  • Choose “Predictor” from the dropdown menu. The game preferences modal should appear as follows:
  • Choose your preferences and click the Submit button. You are ready to predict the events! Your game will arrive on the selected channel.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Predictor Games is a long-run game and will send messages accordingly to game days and leaderboards. Only admins can schedule Predictor Games.

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