How to Play Rock Paper Scissors in Slack? ✂️🪨

  1. Overview
  2. ✨ Guul for Slack
  3. ⚡ How to Play Quick Games?
  4. How to Play Rock Paper Scissors in Slack? ✂️🪨
  • Click on Guul from the Apps section from the left-side menu in your workspace.
  • Click the “Quick Games 🎮 button to reach Rock / Paper / Scissors.
  • Check Rock / Paper / Scissors’ commands and rules before starting to play.
  • Type “/guul rps” in a channel where you want to play with your friends. Guul’s bot will arrive to the channel for you to play Rock / Paper / Scissors. When you click on any item, the game will start. After your turn, the first player to start playing will become your opponent.
  • Enjoy Rock / Paper / Scissors and choose the correct item to beat your opponent!

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