🎖️ How to collect XPs?

You can simply earn XPs playing games. And you can earn even more according to your performance 😉

The more activities you do, the more points you earn. In all games (except Score Predictor):

😼  You play your first game, you get 25 points.
😻  If you win a game you get 50 points, “the highest score”.
🙀  If you play a game and draw, you get 20 points.
😿  If you lose, you get 10 points. 
🎁🎊🎉   More active, more points!

Actually, XP system reflects your engagement rate with your coworkers via Guul.

In Score Predictor:

🟢 Guess the exact score ➡️ 5 points
🟡 You couldn’t guess the exact score, but you predicted the goal difference correctly ➡️ 4 points
🟠 You only guessed the winning side correctly ➡️ 3 points
⭐ Each correct bonus question ➡️ 5 points (Wow!)

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