💬 How to access Guul Dashboard Via Guul App?

  1. Overview
  2. ✨ Guul for Slack
  3. 🔈 Introduction to Guul Features
  4. 💬 How to access Guul Dashboard Via Guul App?
You can access Guul Dashboard via following the link → app.guul.games.
  • The Dashboard leads you to the Games Arena, Leaderboard and Analytics.
  • Games Arena shows you all the games and lets you invite your friends to any one of them.
  • Engagement starts here! Check the Leaderboard to see your ranking among coworkers.
  • Analytics will show you the platform usage statistics.
  • Your profile is accessible both from the Left Menu and upper-right tab, and provides personal statistics (only to you).
  • That’s all! If you’d like to learn more about Guul, and to watch the tutorial, check out the Tutorial Page from the bottom menu. Let’s play!

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